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Doing Business on the Web is Easy with (
Professional business web sites that are easy to update and maintain

(YourCity), (YourState) - ( is a new Internet site for small and medium size businesses in the (YourCity) area to showcase their products and services on the web. Businesses of all types are creating online stores to get in on the booming online commerce trend . . . and they're doing it themselves without the need of computer consultants or outside staff.

Each company that signs up with ( their own web site that they maintain through easy-to-use forms from any web browser on the Internet. They can create online catalogs with photos to showcase their goods and services or write informational articles related to their business services. When a customer is interested in a particular catalog listing, they can automatically send email to the business owner to purchase or layby items, or request more information.

"Most business people today just don't have time to learn all about developing their own web sites" says (Your Name), ('s creator "and they usually don't have the time or money to hire outside consultants or full time staff."

(He/She) continues "What they care about is - how soon can you get my site on the net, how much control do I have, how easy is it for me and my staff to make changes. They want a solution now, and they want to see it run before they buy. They are in the trenches of operating a day-to-day business and they want an internet site that once in place, works like their fax machine. Just turn it on, and it works. eShowcase does that for them."

"In a matter of hours we can have a web site up and running, ready for business" (Your Name)continues: "What's more amazing is that people with very little experience can fill out the simple forms to add new listings and modify the content of their site. If a new product becomes available in the morning, it can be listed in the online catalog by lunch, without waiting for your computer expert to 'get back to you'. This works well for many kinds of businesses from antiques and collectibles to real estate and health care."

To learn more about how you can benefit by putting your business on (, visit the web site and go to the link "Put Your Business On ( Today". Or, you can arrange a demonstration by calling (Your Phone #).

Leading Features:

  • Get online quickly with a full-featured professional website - Each web site includes the following pages:

    Main, Contact Us, Who We Are, Listings and Search pages. On the listings page, you can add hundreds of catalog listing pages with photos (3000 kb maximum).

  • Total Control of your Online Store - Make instant changes and updates to your website with easy-to-use forms from any browser on the Internet. Password protection insures only you can add listings or change entry pages.

  • Instant Online Catalog of Products and Services - Make instant changes to your online catalog with new photo listings for promotions, seasonal specials or fast changing inventory. This "electronic brochure" at your fingertips gives you unprecedented power to communicate your business's offerings to a worldwide audience.

  • Customers can visit your store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week - Gather new customers while you sleep! Since Internet search engines from around the world will index your company's pages, people can search out and learn about your products and services any time of day or night.

  • Generate Leads via automatic email - Customers reading about your products and services can chose to contact you via an automatic form that sends email to where ever you specify. You can integrate this into your business any way you wish, from simple lead generation to actual online sales and reservations.

Package Pricing and Support:

Merchant Showcase Account 1-Year Subscription - A full featured website on ( including a link from the main (YourSite) page, full forms-based administration of entry pages and electronic catalog. Access to the members-only area of (YourSite) with articles and support for eCommerce. Receive 2 months off the regular price when you sign up for the annual Merchant Showcase Account: $xxxx

System Requirements:

Computer with Internet connection, Netscape 2.0 or better, -or- Internet Explorer 4.0. (Note: Some AOL and Internet Explorer browsers may require a simple and free upgrade to allow photo/graphic uploads.) No additional software is needed on local computer. Website can be modified and maintained from anywhere on the Internet.

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