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This page is, in fact, one of 3 optional pages provided with your website/ eCommerse package(over and above the standard Home, Search, Contact, About Us, Listings and Order Form pages) for the eStore owner to use as they see fit. The other two on this site house Testimonials from excited eShop owners and a Sample Press Release.

As indicated, we'll keep this tutorial very brief, but you might want to print this page out for later assistance. If what you're looking for is not here, go to the fully featured online User Guide or the eShophk Tour for further details.

  • Images and Backgrounds

    If you position your mouse over any image (photo, clip art or logo graphic) you see whilst surfing the web and right click on it, you'll see an option to save the image to your hard drive. Likewise, right clicking on a part of a web page not occupied by either text or images will allow you to save the background as an image file also.

    Try it out on this image or by going to one of the other sample sites in our mall. Doing this will give you some images to use when you want to add product listings to this site or change the background and logo on the main pages. Save the images to a place you can easily remember later - My Documents might be a good place!

  • Add a Product

    From the Admin Menu (username/password 'demo' and 'test') select 'Add New Listings' and fill in the empty fields . . . it's very straight forward! Select the 'Browse...' buttons to find/select the photo image files you want to upload to the web site from your computer's hard disk.

  • Change Background, Logo or Text on Main Pages.

    From the Admin Menu, select 'Change eShowcase Main Pages', and then select which page to change from the drop down menu. Again, the edit screen is very self explanatory - change whatever you like!

  • Changing Text Font, Size & Color.

    From the Admin Menu, select 'Change eShowcase Settings'. There you will find many site settings that you can change, including font options.

    Note that changes made to system settings will not take effect until you also run the relevant Main Page (eg index or Home page) through the 'Change Main Pages' edit procedure (as described above) to force each page to be 'rebuilt' with the new systems settings in operation.

  • 'Refreshing' Web Pages.

    Important:- when you request a web page, your computer will respond with any copy of the requested page that it currently has stored in it's cache memory. Likewise, some web servers also respond with the recently delivered version of the requested page held in their cache memory.

    Why is this important? . . . because when you first return to a page that you have just updated, you'll still be viewing the old version. Holding down the 'Ctrl' key (or in some instances the 'Shift' key) and clicking on the 'Refresh' button in Internet Explorer (or 'Reload' in Netscape) will force a new page request that will result in the latest, updated version being delivered.

    You'll also want to use this refresh technique to force a rebuild of the Mall Entrance page . . . that way you'll get to see a listing appear for this new site of yours!

    That's all there is to it . . . now go play!

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